Kilwinning Orchestral Flutes was reformed in 1951. Until June 2013, the group was known as Kilwinning Amateur Prize Flute Band; the name was changed to reflect the current focus of the band, after much discussion with the full band. We run on a strictly equal opportunities basis and have no affiliation to any political, religious or sectarian organisations.

We remain Ayrshire’s only orchestral flute band, boasting many wins throughout the UK, and are proud of having so many talented members in our midst.

Our aim has always been to produce excellent music, and our rehearsals are light-hearted and fun (although we do work hard!). At present we have around 25 flautists, as well as some percussionists, with some members choosing to also attend our learners’ class. Our members range in age from 10 to 70+, and in ability from grade 2 to post-grade 8.

The band many years agoWe welcome any potential members who may show an interest. There is no need for new members to audition; any player wishing for extra help is free to come along to our learners’ class. The band also owns several instruments, which can be loaned (free of charge) to learners or members within the band only. All music is provided free of charge. We have a wide range of instruments for our percussionists, including glockenspiel, bass drum, timpani, snare drum, and drum kit.

Repertoire for the band ranges from Mozart to Quincy Jones, mostly arranged by the band’s conductor Mr. William Young.

The band is run by a committee, with posts elected within the group. Meetings are once a month, after rehearsals.

The band is a member of the Scottish Amateur Flute Bands Association and the British Flute Society.