Prior to June 2013, we were known as ‘Kilwinning Amateur Prize Flute Band’. After much deliberation and discussion with the full band, it was decided that the group’s name would be changed to ‘Kilwinning Orchestral Flutes’. We believe the new name accurately reflects the current focus of the band, which has been gradually changing over many years.

Glasgow Music Festival, 2012

Glasgow Music Festival, 2012

We are an Ayrshire-based orchestral flute group, and one of the largest competitive groups in Scotland. The band runs on a strictly equal opportunities basis and has no affiliation to any political, religious or sectarian organisations. Despite our Kilwinning base, we enjoy the company of members from areas including Glasgow, East Ayrshire, and Northern Ireland. Members of any age and level of expertise are welcomed: the group currently has around 25 members ranging in ability from grade 2 to post-grade 8, and in age from 9 to 68.

Despite being an ensemble of purely flutes and percussion, our group achieves a similar level of depth and variety as can be found in a conventional orchestra. We have recently acquired a contrabass in C, and, along with the piccolo, treble, concert, alto, and bass, we can offer a very rich and full sound. We try to provide for all tastes, and thus our repertoire includes examples of many different styles of music: e.g. classical pieces, traditional tunes, film themes, marches, and adaptations of modern songs.

We hold several concerts annually, either to raise funds and awareness for ourselves, or as entertainment/fundraisers for local groups. We also have ensembles of various sizes available to hire for weddings, parties, and smaller events. To enquire about these services, please get in touch using the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Each year, we compete in the Scottish Amateur Flute Association competitions, held in various locations around Scotland. More information on SAFA can be found on their website

More members are always welcomed: any interested parties can get in touch via the details available on the Contact Us page.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors. We are truly grateful for your support, and are proud to be associated with some excellent local businesses. Thanks go to:

Porter Vehicle Repairs Ltd           Scott McGready           D. Burns & Son Ltd: Plumbing, Heating & Air Con.

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